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We're developers, designers, engineers, marketers, creatives, domainers and disrupters.

Our Companies


Over 15 Years Experience As The Leaders in Medical Marketing & Technology.


Marketing & growth solutions for larger projects and companies.


A full-service marketing and creative agency. Also, be sure to checkout shop.Launchbrand,.com to check out our list of brand and domains for sale.


We are dedicated to investing in great people, places and ideas. We currently have investments in the spaces of Technology, SAAS, Real Estate, Brewing, and Entertainment.

About Our Company:

Founded by Aaron Michael B., Gaels Group is the parent company for Patients.com, Launchbrand.com, and Gaels Ventures. Our companies specialize in growing businesses in a variety of unique ways including highly advanced digital marketing, software development and technology creation, media strategy, creative advertising, video production, and general disruption to obtain sustained attention and growth for our clients. Our team brings unique and innovative strategies, creative ideas, organizational workflow optimizations, and scalability processes allowing our clients to continuously grow and prosper.

“I find it to be a great thrill and hold an incredibly strong passion for the development, research, and brainstorming of new ideas. Particularly ideas that result in lasting connections between (brands/products/services) and consumers. I don’t love it because it sells. I love it because it works (and of course, working typically results in profits). I study and have an incredibly strong interest in sociology, psychology, and the entire concept around “what motivates people” to perform certain actions or think certain ways. I examine society, trends, and universal “truths” and connect new ideas in an effort to hopefully make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. The entire process is thrilling. I’ve set my time and focus on making connections and solving problems in people’s lives. Marketing, advertising, creativity, software, technology are just some of the ways this is made possible.”

Founder & CEO | Aaron Michael B.